The Provizage Visor: Designed by Dentists for Dental Teams


Effective PPE for COVID 19

Complete face and neck protection
Easy to wipe down & disinfect
Comfortable & adjustable
Wear loupes
Adjust LED & anti-cure filter
Replaceable parts
No contact with your head


This reusable visor is kind to the environment, reducing plastic clinical waste associated with disposable visors. Simply wipe the Provizage with detergent and then a viricidal wipe. Replaceable components extend the life of the Provizage visor.

Save Money

The Provizage visor is reusable following disinfection. It protects your FFP2/3 mask better than a conventional visor and reduces clinical waste, both expensive commodities. Our estimated ROI vs disposable visors is less than 4 weeks.


Assembling your Provizage Visor

The Provizage Visor is supplied in three parts making it easy to disinfect and replace worn parts. It's easy to assemble:

Unwrap your Provizage Halo

Insert the splash guard collar first

Attach the robust screen

rich side circle
  • I have been wearing head mounted visors in addition to head gear mounted eyemag pro loupes and a stealth mask for over a month now and am so glad that I can now lose the head mounted visor in favour of the Provizage chest mounted visor. I used it this morning and feel more comfortable in working and if anything for patient and myself safer behind the visor. My exhale valve on the mask is behind a barrier whereas with a standard visor it is not. The vision with loupes is unrestricted and the visor no longer rests on the loupes, allowing me to use the curing shield on the light of my loupes which I couldn’t before. Thanks  Provizage
    Richard Coates
  • Dr Nigel Kennedy BDS
    Thanks everyone at Provizage, I was deliberating about whether to go back to work but your well designed, inexpensive product does the business perfectly. I feel safe with Provizage, so should you. 5 Stars