Stylish visors for your team

Provizage has been created to provide comfortable protection from splashes and splatter. Designed originally for Dentists, salons are turning to Provizage to protect their stylists and clients. The Provizage visor has been constructed to maximise protection from liquids coming into contact with your face while working close to your clients. We recognise that splashes and splatters are generated from below you, spraying upwards. They are not uncommon and created during everyday styling. A normal visor is attached to your head and open at the bottom increasing the chances of your face coming into contact with liquid splashes and splatter. The Provizage visor provides an effective barrier from your chest to above your head.

When you're styling hair, the client experience and their environment is important. You and your team want to enhance the whole journey to exceptional stylist creations from the moment your valuable clients walk through the door. Our visor is comfortable and stylish, so you can create safely and protect your clients too. Give your clients COVID confidence with help from Provizage.

Cost-effective protection

Disposable visors create expensive clinical waste every time you throw a screen away. Our visor delivers superior optical quality, so you can see your styling come to life. The large screen is made from materials used in the nuclear industry, giving you robust protection too. Importantly the whole visor can be wiped down, allowing you to disinfect it between clients, enhancing your COVID protection regime. Our visors provide you with an ROI of less than 4 weeks in comparison to disposable visors, making them cost-effective for your salon.
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