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The revolutionary Provizage visor

Provizage has been created to provide comfortable protection from splashes and splatter. It has been designed by Dentists for Dentists. The Provizage visor has been constructed to maximise protection from liquids coming into contact with your mask and face while treating your patients. We recognise that splashes and splatters are generated from below you, spraying upwards. They are not uncommon and created during everyday procedures. A normal visor is attached to your head and open at the bottom increasing the chances of your face coming into contact with liquid splashes and splatter. The Provizage visor provides an effective barrier from your chest to above your head.

Comfort and protection

The Provizage visor is lightweight and adjustable with an easy to use cord at the back to help hold the visor in place. Comfort is enhanced as the visor does not attach to your head. This removes the claustrophobic feel of some conventional visors, enhances patient confidence and lets heat rise, improving your working environment and preventing fogging. The Provizage visor provides effective protection against COVID 19 when worn with a protective FFP2/3 mask. It prevents liquids coming into contact with your mask extending its operating life during operations that generate splash and splatter. The hydrophobic collar is designed to not only provide a comfortable support for the visor, but also to repel liquids. It can be wiped down easily allowing you to disinfect it quickly, ready for use with the next patient. It can also be removed from the Provizage Halo for a deep clean or replacement. The Provizage Halo provides the frame for the visor screen and the adjustable cord with safety lock. It is light-weight and robust allowing you to wear the Provizage visor for long days comfortably.

Clarity of vision

The screen has been constructed to provide you with superior optical quality in comparison to disposable visors and many conventional visors. We recognise that vision is everything in dentistry. When you have clarity of vision you can perform well and rapidly. The Provisage visor screen not only provides a protective barrier it has also been designed so you can wear your loupes comfortably and get easy access to the LED light and anti-cure filter needed when working with composites.

Using the anti-cure filter

Saving Money

The Provizage visor has been designed to be robust and have longevity. While it is more expensive than a pack of disposable visors we have calculated that it will be saving you money in less than 4 weeks. Consider a disposable pack of visors with a frame and 12 disposable screens for £15. You use a screen for each patient you see. You wear a FFP3 mask that costs upwards of £5. Let's assume that it gets wet through splatter coming up at you under the disposable visor occasionally. Then there is the clinical waste disposal of the visors at probably £3 per bag of waste. It all adds up. If you see 3 patients a day and work a 4 day week you'll use 4 disposable visor packs in a month costing £60. We suspect you'll be busier than that with the backlog of patients generated during lockdown. We haven't included the cost of the wipes to disinfect the Provizage visor, but one per patient is a few pence. The Provizage visor is environmentally friendly. Made in the UK, with materials from UK suppliers, not only ensures continuity of supply but reduces carbon footprint. When you choose to use a Provizage visor you cut your clinical waste volume, preventing waste heading for incineration and making a difference to your bottom line. You can care for the environment, even during the COVID crisis.

The Provizage visor is patent pending and has a registered design. Provizage is copyright 2020



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